Movies in Bangalore, the IT Hub of India

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is also the main hub of Kannada film activities. The Kannada film industry is based out of Bangalore and is the fifth largest film industry in the country based on box-office performance. The industry, on an average produces about 150 films in a year that are released all across the state of Karnataka as well as other countries like US, UK, UAE, Singapore and other European countries that have a reasonable percentage of Kannadigas living there.

With an active night life culture, the city of Bangalore, also known as the Pub Capital of India, has seen in recent years the growth of western style malls that are considered trendy and fashionable hang-out places by the younger crowd of the city. These malls are the perfect places to house not only branded and stylish showrooms and stores, but also clubs and dining outlets for the Gen Next as well as multiplexes that offer to the public an incredible range of movies in Bangalore.

Since the city has witnessed booming economic growth over the last few decades with the IT and BPO sector based out of this city doing extremely well, the youngsters in the city …

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